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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

About Me (1) :3

Hey there ^-^

(Associate me with animals :3)

(And anime/manga ^-^)

So, a brief introduction about myself:

My name is Nikisha Tan-Mishra but you may call me (based on what my friends currently call me) Niki, Niki-chan, Niks and Nikitty (Unrecommended) 
I love Karate (This is a warning :P), animals and... staring at my computer screen with no purpose in life xD Just kidding.

But I DO like surfing the Internet and reading :3

I guess you can say I'm a hyper specimen of the homosapien species. I ADORE talking (teachers, I'm warning you :P) and I love adding colour to my life as you can see on this blog xD 

Do note that I am NOT girly even though I may seem so at first. I really hate it when people assume I love frills and cute pink things -.-

Just a word of advice - I'm extremely hot-tempered and I tend to break things when I'm angry. I'm just saying.

I'm always on the move and quick to get into action but I'll make sure that you aren't left out ^-^

Click here to go an album in Picasa :DDD

Okie Dokie, over and out,
Nikisha <3

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