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Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Favourite Song :3

Good 'Digital' Practices ^-^

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

A Video Clip that Caught My Attention :DDD

Title of the Video: 666 - Numberphile

This video explains different theories on how the 'beast number' 666 came about.

3 Things I've Learnt:
- All the numbers of the Monte Carlo roulette table add up to 666
-Greek and Hebrew use letters to represent numbers
-One evil ruler of the Roman Empire is Nero Caesar

Over and Out,
Nikisha <3

Places I Like to Go in Singapore ^-^

Here is a List of the 10 Places I Like to Go in Singapore:
-School of Science and technology (SST)
     Reason: It's my school. Duh.
-Singapore Zoological Gardens
     Reason: I love animals and the animals there are in their natural environment and not locked up in cages so they are happy and if animals are happy, I am happy :D
-Singapore Botanical Gardens
     Reason: It's a very peaceful and quiet place with many animals and a variety of plants.
-Singapore Science Centre 
     Reason: The exhibits there are really fun and there are many hands-on activities.
-MacRitchie Reservoir 
     Reason: Very tranquil place with many animals and lush plants. (Their monkeys are cute :P)
-Little India
     Reason: The atmosphere of the place is really nice and I also like it alot as I'm half Indian ^-^
-Clark Quay
     Reason: It is a bright and bustling place that makes you feel like a true Singaporean. There are good restaurants as well.
-Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
     Reason: I feel happy seeing people who are devoted to helping animals and seeing that they are trying their best to take care of them and find good homes for them.
-Marina Barrage
     Reason: it is one of the few places where I can fly kites and you get a panoramic view of the Singapore sky-line.
-Sentosa Island
     Reason: I love going to the beach and they have universal Studios :P

Over and Out,
Nikisha <3